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TEK-Ocean’s purpose-built test facilities can undertake various types of testing including hydrostatic testing, gas testing, high-pressure testing as well as NDE including magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic testing. Our expansive facilities provide our customers with ample space for large site integration testing and factory acceptance testing work scopes.


  • Accurate pressure test charts for full authentication and traceability
  • State of the art calibrated digital and analogue control panel and recorders
  • Maximum test pressure rating of 22,500psi
  • Testing Mediums include inhibited fluid and nitrogen 
  • Mousehole with 9.560” ID and 10.2m depth
  • Test bay handling sizes up to 20m long and 3m wide
  • Test bay and Mousehole serviced with 20T overhead crane

TEK-Ocean has the Engineering support, Technical Expertise and Operational flexibility to meet your testing requirements so contact us to see how we can be of assistance.

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