Logistics & Supply Base

Port Anthony Marine Terminal

Logistics & Supply Base

Port Anthony
Marine Terminal

Port Anthony is a privately owned wharf facility operated by TEK-Ocean Energy Services Pty. Ltd. (TEK-Ocean).  Due to its strategic positioning, it is primarily used for servicing the Bass Strait Oil and Gas fields, however, it is available for other industries. The Port is located 196km to the East of Melbourne in Corner Inlet.

Services include:

  • Supply base operators (Stevedores)
  • Supply base equipment (forklifts etc.),
  • Diesel bunkering as required via Transtanks and/ or Road Tankers at 60 cu.m / hr.,,
  • Potable Water as required at 60 cu.m/hr.,
  • Large Hard Stand Storage Area, approx. 10,000m2,    
  • Warehousing and undercover storage available, approx. 2,500m2.

Key Characteristics:

Draft alongside (@LAT): 7.0m
Channel Depth (@LAT): 6.4m
Bar Depth (@LAT): 6.9m
Tidal Variation (Above LAT):  0.5-2.5m
Wharf Capacity: Up to 350t Crane without engineering review.  
Wharf Length: 200m

** LAT = Lowest Astronomical Tide

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