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TEK-Ocean’s fully rotational torque (RT) bucking machine is designed for fast and accurate makeup and breakout of premium and non-premium threaded tubular equipment. The machine can handle up to a maximum torque of 100,000 ft-lb tracking thread, and run in from as low as 200 ft-lb.

The self-contained, free-standing, hydraulically powered torque machine consists of a fixed headstock and a traversing tailstock, with a hinged top-opening feature to help ensure tools are loaded safely and efficiently.

The stocks feature hydraulically controlled clamp cylinders that can go from 2 3/8 to 22 in. OD, without the need to change jaws between sizes. 


  • Accurate Torque Turn graph reports for full authentication and traceability
  • Calibrated to thread manufacturers’ guidelines and tolerances
  • Fully floating head and tailstock to accommodate offset connections
  • Traversing tailstock top-opening feature ensuring tools are loaded safely
  • Soft Jaws for use with Chrome and CRA Tubulars.
  • Serviced with 20T overhead crane

In addition to the RT Bucking machine TEK-Ocean provides a range of bespoke makeup solutions enabling various assemblies including 42” Hole Opener BHA’s, Wellheads, Casing and Drill pipe doubles to be handled off the critical path.

TEK-Ocean has the Engineering support, Technical Expertise and Operational flexibility to meet your offline makeup requirements so contact us to see how we can be of assistance.

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