Wellhead Make Up


Make Up

Client contacted TEK-Ocean asking if we could make up a 13-3/8” BTC pup joint up to a wellhead in preparation for mobilisation to the field.



  • Manufacture a 13-3/8” BTC pup joint.
  • Establish how to safely grip the assembly in the torqueing unit.
  • Make up the 13-3/8” BTC pup joint to the lower wellhead assembly.
About Project


  • Designed and manufactured an adaptor device to allow the wellhead assembly to be held in the Torque Turn Machine (TTM) allowing safe and accurate connection make up.
  • Shortened an existing range 3 joint to make a pup joint.
  • Cut the 13-3/8” BTC pin by pin pup joint.
  • Secured the TTM adaptor device to the wellhead.
  • Successfully made up the 13-3/8” BTC pup joint to the wellhead assembly monitoring the make up to ensure connection integrity using torque turn analysis.

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