SCM Communication

About Project


TEK-Ocean’s client had lost communications with several shut-in subsea assets and requested a solution to re-establish communications with the subsea control modules (SCM).

About Project


  • Determine method of re-establishing communications with use of an electrical downline (EDL) and plugging into the SCM via subsea electrical connector.
  • Identify a Master Control System (MCS) with the appropriate software that is capable of communicating with the 20-30 year old SCMs.
  • Conduct an offshore campaign to implement system and re-establish communications.
About Project


  • Identified that existing platform MCS were operable and suitable for communicating with SCMs. The MCS was removed from original offshore installation and modified to be a portable system. A purpose built EDL was provided.
  • Conducted onshore systems integration testing to confirm continuity, insulation integrity and to ensure that the software will appropriately interpret the signals that are received from the SCM’s.
  • Conducted vessel campaign to deploy EDL and plug into SCMs.
  • Interpret data received from SCMs to determine the internal status of the asset.

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